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donderdag 14 juli 2016

Bunny Heaven...

Ik kwam dit prachtige verhaal tegen, en besloot het even met jullie te delen!  Het is in het Engels wel, maar is niet zo moeilijk. Voor alle mensen die recent of langer geleden een konijntje hebben moeten afgeven...


Ruby opened her eyes and looked around. She appeared to be in a field – green grass as far as her eyes could see, the sun was shining, it was beautiful.
“Where am I?” Ruby asked no one in particular.
“You’re at The Rainbow Bridge,” a voice answered.
Ruby turned to see a brown and white Dutch bunny and a light brown lop coming towards her.
“Where are Mom and Dad and Duster and Cola?” Ruby wondered.
“Mom and Dad are still with Cola and Duster at home,” the lop answered. “I am Leo and this is Hopper.”
“But you’re angel bunnies,” Ruby said.
“And now you are too,” Hopper said.
“It was your time to come to the Bridge, dear Ruby. We get to watch over our parents and Cola and Duster for awhile.”
“Will I ever see them again?” Ruby was concerned.
“You can see them whenever you want to,” Hopper said. “Just close your eyes and let all of the wonderful memories come to you. And they can do the same. And then someday, we will all be together again.”
“Oh, so they are ok?” Ruby asked.
“They will be in time. They miss you, just like you miss them, but they know it was your time to make this journey,” Leo said. “Just like Hopper and I did.”
“And now we are here to help you get used to your new home,” Hopper said. “Follow us, there is much for you to see.”
Ruby started to hop after Hopper and Leo, then paused.
“What’s wrong?” Leo asked.
“Am I still cute?” Ruby wondered.
Hopper laughed, “You are eternally cute!”
“Whew, that was a close one,” and Ruby followed her sisters.
Leo stopped in front of a patch of the greenest grass Ruby had ever seen, “This is the Stop-To-Flop area. This is the softest grass anywhere. You can come here and flop as much as you want, we encourage it.”
“Wow,” Ruby was in awe.
They hopped along, coming to an endless garden.
“This is the Bunny Buffet,” Hopper explained. “Any and all sorts of fresh veggies. Help yourself to whatever you feel like.”
Ruby was already checking out the carrots.
The next stop was a field of timothy hay.
“Oh my gosh!” Ruby was so excited.
Leo smiled, “I love timothy hay too. And just beyond the timothy hay is wild vegetation like our non-domesticated relatives eat. Nom as much as you would like.”
Hopper and Leo then showed Ruby the play area, bunny toys of all kinds were there for her to use.
“Are we the only bunnies here?” Ruby asked.
“No, there are lots of bunnies waiting to meet you. They are planning your Welcoming Party, Ruby. We wanted the chance to meet you and show you around,” Hopper said.
“Now there is one more stop to make before we get to your party,” Leo said. “Hopper, would you like to do the honors?”
Hopper nodded, “This way, cute bunny.”
“OK!” Ruby binkied.
Hopper, Leo and Ruby came to what can only be described as a large white room. Ruby followed her sisters inside.
The walls were lined with bunny-sized refrigerators.
“I always admired your determination to get in to the fridge without Mom and Dad’s help,” Hopper said. “So much like me!”
“There’s more veggies in the fridges,” Leo explained.
“But how do we get to them?” Ruby hopped up to one of the fridges.
Hopper smiled, “Say ‘open, please’ to any fridge you want.”
“OK,” Ruby said and turned to face a fridge, “Open, please!”
The door slowly swung open, revealing shelves of Romaine lettuce.
Ruby binkied about a thousand times.
Leo and Hopper both laughed.
“See, this place isn’t so bad,” Hopper said.
Ruby smiled, “I miss our parents and Cola and Duster, but I guess this’ll do till we are all back together again.”
Leo smiled, “Yes, it will. Now, come on, time to go to your Welcome Party.”
Hopper, Leo and Ruby made their way where all of the other bridge bunnies were assembled. Ruby felt the love of her fellow bridge bunnies and also that of her parents, Cola and Duster.
“I’ll be ok, we’ll all be ok,” Ruby said. “Till we meet again.”
- Bunny Author Unknown

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